Thank you, Jackie and Laura

I think we can all agree that receiving good customer service is a really good thing. In our American culture, good customer service is expected. Let’s face it: We notice when it’s good, and we really notice when it’s bad.

Over the weekend, I saw an ad for some “natural” deodorant. Before I knew it I was reading an in-depth article about all things pertaining to the underarm. And boy was it convincing. In a moment of weakness, I almost clicked the button to order this amazing deodorant, but then I got my wits about me, and walked away from my computer. I’m all for good deodorant, and I pay attention to what I put in, and on, my body, but this was an expensive purchase for a toiletry item. I left the page open on my screen, just in case, and went on with what I was doing.

I have been known to make a hasty purchase before, and I have certainly been persuaded by the marketing and advertising industry from time to time. But truth be told, I love to try new products. Though it isn’t so new anymore, my favorite innovative product of all time is Clorox wipes. I don’t even want to imagine my life without them. Then came Wrinkle Releaser. Thank you very much, Downy! I mean, I can’t iron to save myself.   And then, Nivea (in-shower) Body Lotion. Do you know how much time I save skipping this step in morning? It’s bone dry here in the desert. Moisturizer is a must. But to take care of this much needed beauty routine in the shower, is quite honestly, revolutionary.

I came back to my computer this morning, and was greeted with the deodorant page. I read it again.   Okay, I told myself. We are going in. I clicked a few buttons, entered a few digits, and my sample pack should arrive in a few days. I promise you, this was not a hasty decision this time. I thought about it all weekend. Every time I opened my medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and saw my old deodorant sitting there, I wondered if I was missing out on something better. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but I did think through this purchase before typing in my cc number. I want you to see the email that came with my invoice. This just confirms to me, whether I made the right purchase or not, someone knows how to market their product, and a thing or two about virtual customer service.

 Krista, You Rock!

It was just another mundane day at our office when suddenly, Jackie took a look at the computer and her eyes widened. “We did it,” she exclaimed! “We got an order from Krista Keane!”

Laura jumped out of her chair and ran to Jackie’s desk. She didn’t even read the entire email – she just saw “Krista” and started screaming in delight! “O.M.G.” Laura shouted. “This is real! We have an order from Krista!”

The entire office erupted in applause. “Party In the USA” blared from the speakers (Jackie’s a huge Miley Cyrus fan) as confetti rained down from the ceiling and champagne bottles were popped.

The entire Native Team is thrilled you’re a customer! Thank you so much for your support and for giving us a reason to cheer on another champion of health!

As soon as we’re done exchanging high-fives, we’ll send you tracking information so you can track your package. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at……

“Oh no, no, YOU rock, Jackie and Laura.”

Good customer service? How about exceptional?

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  1. This must be some pretty awesome deodorant, Krista! You made Jackie and Laura’s day and my day, too! I am still laughing about your story. How could a story about deodorant have me on the edge of my chair while reading! Thanks for the joy your writing brings me. Love, Mom!

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